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Placement Options

We offer staffing options that fit your company’s specific needs.  C3 Workforce specializes in filling a wide variety of technical positions and has the expertise to find the most qualified professional to fill the role.  C3 Workforce is also able to quickly find temporary replacements for employees who are on vacation, maternity leave or temporary assignment.
    Whether your company needs highly technical direct placements, contract-to-hire personnel, or temporary help, C3 Workforce will help keep your company efficient and ahead of the competition.
Direct Placements
    Our direct placement option is a smart solution to provide assistance to your human resources department.  C3 Workforce will not only find premier prospects but conduct the entire screening process for you.  This is a favorable option when looking for niche professionals that would normally take up valuable time and resources to locate.  Utilizing a wide range of recruiting techniques and well-established processes, C3 Workforce will find the perfect individual to fill any position.
Contract Staffing
    C3 Workforce offers a full benefits contract staffing option.  Our experienced recruiting staff is standing by to provide you with the top candidates in your industry.  The contract staffing option is the ideal solution for longer term needs. We offer a wide range of professionals who can be part of your team with an option to hire directly at any time.
Temporary Staffing
    C3 Workforce offers a temporary staffing option that allows your company to keep up with demands without the burden of being overstaffed when situations change.    Our temporary contractors can fill in the gaps in this ever-changing economy.  There is no commitment to how long a C3 Workforce temporary employee must work, offering further flexibility for your company.  Our employees can be on-site in as little as a few hours.
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